Custom Universal Revolutionary Trainer

Welcome to the CURTECK Website! We are a company based in Colorado focused on revolutionizing the eyewear industry in a clever and professional manner. We created a professional training tool designed to help eliminate eyewear fitting challenges, while providing a cutting edge solution to simplify training. 
Evolving technologies help facilitate advanced learning in every industry, yet within the optical industry, the artistry of properly dispensing eyewear has gone unchanged. 
The owner and CEO, Rosemary Kenderes,  saw the ongoing training issues of ill trained  dispensing professionals and decided to create a Customized, Universal, Revolutionary, Trainer, C.U.R.T. that will forever change the optical world as we see fit.
Our commitment is to value, professionalism, and excellence. As the eyewear market continues to grow, so will the need of properly trained optical apprentices, as well as new and tenured optical professionals. With just a few clicks of a button, you will accelerate and shorten your training timeline in becoming an educated, equipped, and empowered  eyewear adjuster.
We are confident C.U.R.T. is the solution to your training success.

The New Face of Eye Care

Our team believes that there is a simple way to make big things happen. Our US patented product is one of a kind, first to market a product that will help anyone learning how to properly dispense eyeglasses on any facial structure you can think of. It comes with a simple software system and with the click of a button, we can quickly adjust C.U.R.T.'s facial structure to aide in learning different adjustments.

Meet the Founder

Rosemary Kenderes is the Founder and CEO of CURTECK, LLC, a startup company based out of Denver, Colorado, whose sole purpose is to bring back the art of adjusting eyewear. She patented a revolutionary hands on training tool in memory of her brother Curt.
Rosemary has focused her gifts and talents for over thirty years in the Optical Industry and is an ABOC licensed optician that has educated multiple new optical technicians as well as managers in the art of adjusting eyewear and saw a unique opportunity. 
After witnessing the detrimental lack of adjusting skills daily and participated in the ongoing battle of reeducating ill-trained dispensing opticians to adjust eyeglasses properly for greater customer satisfaction, Rosemary began the process of creating the solution, now known as C.U.R.T. to change the way the world trains in eyewear adjustments. 
These revolutionary hands-on training tools will lessen the learning curve for new and tenured optical staff in the skills of eyewear adjustments.
Rosemary Kenderes