CURTECK will service the unmet need of its educational and retail target markets in the United States followed by European nations. It will offer packages including the C.U.R.T. animatronic, software, RFIG chipped frames, training program, maintenance plans and tools necessary to properly master the art of adjusting eyewear. As there has been a continued decrease in educational programs and required certification throughout the United States, the lack of properly trained optical staff is on a rise, leading to more business being directed through online platforms where the fit is equally unmet. C.U.R.T. will close the gap between properly trained opticians and ill-trained optical staff as well as reduce the learning curve for eyewear adjustments.


CURTECK’s competitive advantage is being the first to market an alternative that will reduce the training time as well as the necessity of training on real patients to gain fluency on eyewear adjustments.  Our animatronic brings back the art of adjustments and with many variations in facial features, anyone that is new to the optical industry can quickly become expert eyewear adjusters. The C.U.R.T. animatronic comes equipped with sensors that activate at common pressure points just how a real patient would react to certain adjustments. This will provide the trainee a real-life adjustment scenario and aide them in the adjustment process.